Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Charlie Brown

Here is a little story that can be an inspiration to all artist big or small enjoy.

- Merrill

There was a boy nicknamed Sparky, for whom school was all but impossible. He failed just about every subject in the eighth grade. He flunked physics in high schoolwith a grade of zero!

In sports, Sparky fared not much better. He did manage to make his high school golf team, but lost the most important match of the season. He lost the consolation match, too.

While he wasn't actively disliked by the other students, he was awkward socially, and it seemed no one really cared. Sparky never once asked a girl to go out in high school because he was too afraid of being turned down.

There was one thing that was important to Sparky -- drawing. He drew constantly and felt his artwork was pretty good. In his senior year of high school, he finally got up the nerve to submit some of his drawings to the yearbook.
Unfortunately, they were rejected.

Nevertheless, after high school, Sparky got up the nerve again, to submit some cartoons to the Walt Disney Studios.
Finally, the reply came ... Sparky had been rejected once again.

Sparky expressed himself the only way he knew how. He started drawing an autobiography of a little boy who was a
loser, a chronic underachiever, someone who didn't even have the respect of his own dog.

This autobiography might sound familiar to you. It's the story of the Peanuts cartoons, featuring Charlie Brown, a character based on the early life of his creator, Charles Schulz, who was known by the nickname Sparky, and whose work, when he died in February 2000, at the age of 77, had been known the world over for 50 year


Steph Q said...

very inspiring story of Sparky :)

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