Friday, June 30, 2006

Remembering The 4th of July

As you watch fireworks this 4th, remember not only our service Men and Women serving our country (Past and Present) but also remember the folks who had to step up to the line and keep this country going during WWI and WWII.

This is another 4th of July illustration for another client of mine. It is based off of a woman who at nine years old had to work small jobs such as cherry picking to help raise money for the Men and Women fighting in WWI.

Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think.

- Merrill

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

4th of July

Its that time of summer again. When the flags fly high, the grills are a flame and of course sparklers are lit.

This is a work inprogress for a client of mine. Let me know what you think!

- Merrill

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Final "Jungle"

Happy mistakes!
A few weeks ago on a blog, I read that there were no happy mistakes in digital illustration. I had to laugh only because I see the computer as an illustration enhancer, an addition to my art arsenal, another tool in the art box and if you know how to work your digital tools and programs there is a bountiful amount of happy mistakes that can still happen. For example my original idea for this week Illustration Friday’s topic of the week had included scary eyes, little kids and a dark jungle. But while creating this image I accidentally started to see other possibilities on how I could enhance this image. So knowing how to work my tools in the art box, I stumbled upon an image that I think is quite successful.

To me digital illustration is not a downfall to this industry, I believe that it can take artwork to the next level and If you know what you are doing those happy little mistakes can still happen.

Hope you enjoy this week’s submission to Illustration Friday’s topic of the week “Jungle”. Let me know what you think.

- Merrill

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Final "Portrait"

The race was on and when Maurice thought he had lost he noticed that Jean Pierre had two more portraits of Madame Amalia’s cat to go.

Let me know what you think! Also check out my newest illustration Home Improvement. Have a great week

- Merrill

Friday, June 02, 2006

Home Improvement

This is an editorial illustration for a client of mine on home improvement. Let me know what you think.

– Merrill