Monday, February 25, 2013

New Chapter Book!!

Just one of the reasons I didn't sleep this past fall :-) - Check it out!!

Awesome Christian Association 
By: Tony Bellagamba
Illustrated By: Merrill Rainey

Being a kid is pretty fun. Being a kid with special powers is AWESOME! And no one knows that better than Just-Plain-Jada, Once-Upon-A-Ron, and No-Way-Jose. Even their little white dog, Penelope, is in on the excitement. Together they are the Awesome Christian Association, also known as The ACA! With the use of their special t-shirts and the simple phrase, “We love Jesus to pieces”, these kids and their dog can go anywhere in the world. Will you come along with the ACA on their first adventure and help them change the world? 

Those interested in purchasing a book, please go to
50% of all proceeds donated to charity

Here are a few illustration from the book: 

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Looks like another job well done!